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manufacture of cranes
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manufacture of cranes

Our Company Ltd KCV Crane systems and metal equipment in the industrial zone 1.Organizations in Konya has an area of \u200b\u200b2500 m2.We manufacture valves for our customers high quality and affordable.
We make two beam bridge cranes, cranes one beam support or suspension, gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, and t.d.Using all opportunities provided by high-tech.Experienced professional engineers work every day and sweat to improve their capabilities.
Our company provides impeccable service in the industry in our country and beyond to compete with international producers such as Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Morocco, for sale goods in countries such as Tunisia, also contributes to our economy.
Since the source of our strength, are the clients, our focus is their satisfaction.We provide our services not only in trade but also after.We try to resolve the issues of transportation and as quickly as possible and economical to deliver the goods to the customer anywhere in the country and abroad.
21 brought the technological, scientific, administrative and cultural development and closely following them, we try to be more useful to you.To integrate the new structure, we must add value to our values \u200b\u200bevery day.We continue to manufacture products by selecting materials and manufacturing process for the quality of our products so as to avoid losses in the future.
We offer you the cranes that we manufacture, as well as any other services related to foreign trade t.e.We will help you buy goods in Turkey and.

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